Protect your Data

Why protect your data

Data is at the art of your business. Protecting them is protecting your business

In an open and connected world, your data is stored and moved over more or less secured networks. Securing and protecting your data is now mandatory.

Our encryption solutions are dedicated to the securization of your sensitive data.


Protect your Data


Encryption can protect your files, your streams, your data links, your sensitive operations…
We rely on symmetric coding.

  • INES® : une approche originale, une solution de chiffrement novatrice
  • We reinforce security at identification and authentification levels
  • 100% made in France

Protect your Data

INES® : Innovative and state of the art encryption solutions

Products with INES® technology embedded :


Protect your Data

INES® : creative technology

  • Easy set up
  • Secured: resistant to brute force decoding
  • low processor time consuming : suitable for stream encryption
  • choose your security in accordance with your confidentiality needs : standard, medium or high.

Adaptative Dynamic Network

Secure your treatments !

Flexible and mobile work modes
Home-office, remote production, and working from the field is now mandatory. Collaborative work is an evidence for companies hosting their business in the cloud.

Increasing risks
Increasing risks Cyber attacks are spreading, affecting businesses of all sizes. Q.o.S is not guaranteed, CDN can be saturated. These new risks can deadlock day to day business.

Adaptative Dynamic Network

Our Grid Computing Solutions

Adaptative systems bring network intelligence to a new area. Adaptative systems take avantage of the bandwidth available at client side to deliver the best Q.o.S.

ADN comes in several products:

  • ADN L5: intelligent session layer (in accordance with OSI Model).
  • ADN PASS : authentification framework for remote operations.
  • ADN PLAY : adaptive player dedicated to remote production.
  • ADN SYNCHRO : synchronization solution for CDN.

Adaptative Dynamic Network

ADN, network intelligence

  • Q.o.S. guaranteed
  • CDN synchronization
  • Scalable
  • Compliant with OSI recommandations

Why us?

  • Dedicated service when needed
  • Innovative solutions
  • State of the Art

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